3. feb. 2016

Well done everyone!

Det er 6 barnehager i Kristiansand som jobber med engelsk. Noen holder på for andre året, resten er kommet til i høst og er i full gang med opplegg på engelsk i barnegruppen. Her er en hilsen fra Sonya som er veileder i dette prosjektet til barnehagene som deltar: 
- in english, of course...

Well done everyone . . .  
to Andungen staff who bravely performed a very special version of Goldilocks and The Three Bears. I hear  the group is tipped for an Oscar nomination at the up and coming academy awards :-) It sounds like they had incredible fun and the children had to take photographs of the performance as everyone was so busy performing!!!!!!
Well done Søm staff for the way in which you are using the Teddy resources with the children, they can say a lot of new words and for asking questions about how to do more and loaning resources. 
Well done Veslefrikk staff for how well the children are learning their theme words and songs. 
Well done  Mosby,Dyrestien staff  for how well the children could use winter words. 
Well done Havlimyra staff for the way in which everyone could say words linked to snow and Teddy in the snow and your song about the five little monkeys. 
Well done Maritippen for the way in which everyone could talk about their winter pictures and answer questions so quickly. 
I look forward to my next visit to Eventyrskogen Barnehage,  I hear everyone is working hard with English!

I am having such fun working with you all. So . . . keep smiling, keep enjoying your English work and I will see you all again soon on my next round of visits.

Sonya :-) 

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